Litanies - Selected Early Poems (1983 - 1987) by Trevor Gordon French (Selected Poetry, Volume # 01)

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Press, Teresa, quoted in Paul De Jaegher Ed. Attwater, et al, Trans. Hutchinson, Ed. House ed. Marston Trans. Panichas, Ed. Playfoot, Eds. Barbier, Eds. Spink, Ed. Frank Cunningham, Ed. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood Press, Xenia Press, , pp. Noll Eds. Eerdmans, , pp. Noll, Voices from the Heart , op. Watkins, , pp. Revell, , pp. Ruether and R. Please note: each class in this collection has a separate box number sequence i. Please cite the relevant Class number as well as the Box number when requesting retrieval of material from the collection.

Peter Neville Frederick Porter was a Brisbane-born poet and writer. In he moved permanently to England where he worked as a bookseller, journalist, clerk, advertising copywriter and freelance writer reviewing for journals including the New statesman, London magazine, The observer, Times literary supplement, Encounter and the New review.

Porter was the author of numerous volumes of poetry and three radio plays, broadcast by the BBC. Most of Porter's work was published in England.

Edited by Dennis Flynn, M. Thomas Hester, and Jeanne Shami

In Porter won the Australian Literary Society gold medal. In he was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia OAM for service to literature as a poet, reviewer, broadcaster and essayist. Porter died in London in April Correspondence, notebooks, manuscript and typescript drafts, proofs and the transcript of an interview conducted by P. Notebooks kept by Porter containing drafts of poetry, plays, reviews, sketches and other writings.

Contemporary Poets

The notebooks are arranged in two sections: poetry notebooks arranged chronologically and general notebooks arranged in the order in which they were listed by Porter. There is some overlap in content between the two sections. Many of the notebooks have been written in from both ends of the book towards the middle. The majority of the works are unpublished poems, but the book includes 'Euphoria Dies' and 'Jack and Jill' from Once bitten, twice bitten.

Titles used later for different poems include 'Legend' and 'Exit Pursued by a Bear'. Also contains sketches for plays 'For all the saints', 'Choose your number', text of cantanta 'Annotations of paintings of Christ' and prose passages. Due to show-through, ink running and the fading of pencil, some of the pages are hard to decipher p. Notebook predominantly filled with unpublished poems, but also including text of unfinished play, 'The Sea Coast of Bohemia', a few handwritten reviews, sketches, letters etc.

Poets No. It was Porter's custom, up until after , to write all his reviews, programmes, and like pieces of journalism in longhand and only subsequently type them for editors. The books include therefore the majority of the radio and plus poetry reviews he wrote for journals such as the New Statesman , Guardian , London Magazine and Observer until about Many other radio programmes and miscellaneous pieces are included, as also are lists, memoranda and copious pieces of miscellaneous writing.

The pieces listed below only such special pieces singled out by Porter in his consignment list as worth noting. Johnson and Five plays by Patrick White. Typescript drafts, corrected proofs, cover proofs and other papers relating to publications by Porter. The papers are arranged chronologically. Corrected proof. Folder of poems prepared by the author for the publisher, typescript marked up for typesetting and publisher's page proofs.

Folder of poems prepared by the author for the publisher, galley proofs, cover proofs colours different from final printing and publisher's page proofs. Folder of poems prepared by the author for the publisher, corrected publisher's page proofs and cover proof. Includes vituperative letters from Laura Riding and blander acceptances from John Ashbery's agent and poets including Christopher Middleton, R.

Thomas and Anthony Hecht. Assorted poems in typescript approx Corrected proofs and typescript 'The iconography of Mars: a few general observations' written for Arthur Boyd. There is correspondence concerning the disposition of Porter's personal archive, including a listing of his archive. Other correspondence relates to a conference, Manuscripts matter: collecting modern literary archives, which was held at the British Library in Porter was a member of an Authors' Panel.

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This instalment includes diaries; notebooks, typescripts and papers relating to his writings; reviews by Porter and of his work; publications by others; photographs and royalty statements. Correspondence, , comprises the largest portion of the papers. One Gentleman's diary and various other diaries - contact details and addresses, social engagements noted. One Businessman's diary and some Gentleman's diaries - contact details and addresses, social engagements noted.

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Some Businessman's diaries and some Gentleman's diaries - contact details and addresses, social engagements noted. This series comprises an extensive holding of Porter's correspondence, spanning several decades. Correspondents include notable figures in the literary and arts scenes, Vernon Scannell, Arthur Boyd, Les Murray and family. Over the course of accumulating the correspondence, Porter used several methods of arrangement: chronological, files for travels to Australia, for individual correspondents, John Kinsella, Peter Rose, Peter Redgrove, Penelope Shuttle, and, in some cases, no discernable order at all.

His arrangement has been maintained in this series. Mainly letters, postcards, telegrams and later emails from peers, publishers, friends and family.

Michigan quarterly review: Vol. 30, No. 4

Included are invitations to literary and social events, professional engagements, some poetry of Porter and others. Audio cassette without inscription and accompanying letter detailing reading of poetry; audio cassette tape 60 min entitled George MacBeth. Elliot Prize information; photocopies of articles on biographies, verse; book publisher catalogues; Invitiations from the Australian High Commission, celebrating Porters work, For reading by Robert Drewe; photograph of English lane; Typescripts titled Customer Relations and Close Harmony by Michael Pickering.

Correspondents include John Kinsella, Phillipa????? Correspondents include John Tranter, S. Correspondents include C. Correspondents Susan Hanisch? Eliot shortlist readings and ceremony booklet; programme of selected music by Porter for BBC radio; invitations to Australian High Commission to reading by Geoffrey Morris; letters and notes for address at the British Museum's Leaden Hearts exhibition.

Table of Contents

Poignant to see it registered so scrupulously. Kaiser Wilhelm II , while vacationing at his summer palace of Achilleion in Corfu and while Europe was preparing for war, was involved in excavations at the site of the ancient temple. Buchinger , H. Notebooks, c. And lastly there was the girl: Beauty under some spell of the beast. Every evening after the ploughing With the big tractor he would sit in his chair, And stare into the tangled fire garden, Opening his slow lips like a snail.

Mt Field National park, Tasmania Author unknown, photograph of Jane Lewis's painting titled The Caress. Eliot Prize. Correspondents Mainly from Great Britain, some from U.

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Most letters about reading engagements, submissions of works, permissions, payments, funding grants; Correspondents include Richard and Jean Henry? Folder 1 of 2 Approximately postcards: Originally loose, rehoused to 2 folders - Many cards between Porter family members, others sent from friends; Includes two birthday cards, colour photograph of woman and child.

Remembering Nancy Wicklund Gray

Wilkes; Includes photgraphs of Porter and daughters. Both personal and literary letters from Anthony Thwaites on New Statesman and Encounter stationery; also personal correspondence - postcards, letters; Some of Porter's notes on Auden. Both personal and literary letters from Peter Redgrove and Penny Shuttle; includes copy of letters to the editor in response to review on Redgrove's poetry.

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Literary letters from Katherine Bucknell, R. Denniston, Jacky Simms, Jon Stallworthy many , includes cover copy: back panel. Correspondents many from U. Correspondents mainly from U. Auden Society; Flyers, reviews, catalogues, newsletters, programmes from various press, publishers, poetry societies and associations; press release from Faber; Booklets of Whitbread Awards, Carcanet new books ; Invitations to works by Christopher Battye, Scott Kilgour.

Correspondents from U. Correspondents include Douglas Dunn, John Fuller, Michael Heyward, Peter Rose, Poetry Book Society - includes carious publishers, universities, arts and literary councils and associations with requests for translations, questionnaire, readings and interviews; Papers include flyers, programmes, newsletters, poetry of others, Invitations to various exhiitions, readings and launches. Second of two programs on Naples and being Neapolitan. Note: This dubbing has slight right hand bias: correct in replay by boosting left hand output. Papers of Peter Steele include loose typescript poems many and stapled manuscripts x9 ; Some correspondence; Copy of Eureka Street ; Titles include the Muses' gatekeeper; Travelling, despairing, singing; Grappling all the ships of thought; Character and aphorism, then and now; Death Masques and Deathmares; Hurt into poetry in contemporary Ireland; The muse's agenda; The phosphor of a city: Peter Porter's imagination.

Gavin Ewart's poems and letters to Porter - typescript and handwritten 20 photocopies of poems 12pp ; also postcards. Correspondence and financial papers of the Martin Bell Literary Estate - includes copies of statements, ledgers, deposit books; Permissions and royalites from various organisations including the BBC, MacMillan, Oxford University Press.

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Booklet and periodicals comprising Listen vol. Correspondents mainly U.